Larissa Lima Returns to Plastic Surgeon: Make Me Perfect This Time!!

90 Day Fiance lost one of its most polarizing stars when they fired Larissa Lima over an innocuous livestream.

So far, Larissa is getting the last laugh.

Not only is she continuing to model on OnlyFans, but she can now speak freely about everything in her life without asking producers for permission.

She is also not stopping her plans to perfect her flesh prison with cosmetic procedures.

Viewers first "met" Dr. Smith, her plastic surgeon, when Larissa showed up to do a consultation with him.

Since then, he has given her two major rounds of plastic surgery.

Now, she has returned to get even more work done.

It's hard to say what we think of the results, of course, until she's done recovering.

Check out the Instagram photos below — from both before and after — and then the video compilation that Larissa uploaded.


1.Larissa changed a lot this year

2.Then, in August

3.The results speak for themselves

4.She's wanted this for a long time

5.Larissa has "big" plans for the future

6.Now, it's time again

7.Wish her luck!

8.Eric was there to support her

9.The team assembled

10.Part of her treatment will be "cellfina"

11.Before and after

12.Also …

13.She has a warning for followers



16.Even Larissa sees that

17.See for yourself!

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