Lil Peeps Mom Loses Bid to Seek Separate Trial in Royalty Dispute

Liza Womack has lost her bid to ask for a separate trial as she launches lawsuits against her late son’s record label for wrongful death and unpaid royalties.

AceShowbizLil Peep‘s mother has been denied her request for a separate trial into her claim that she’s owed $4 million (£2.9 million) by her late son’s record label.

Liza Womack’s lawyer Paul A. Matiasic previously claimed in court that First Access Entertainment (FAE) “admitted” they owe the royalty revenue to the estate, but officials are refusing to hand the money over in a bid to hinder Womack’s wrongful death and business lawsuit against them.

Womack then requested that the two lawsuits be separated to allow her to get the money allegedly owed on a faster timetable than the wrongful death claims.

However, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Teresa Beaudet wrote in a ruling at a hearing Wednesday morning (03Nov21), “The court is not able to find that bifurcation and/or severance would be appropriate or beneficial at this time.”

Judge Beaudet added that Womack is free to renew her request for separate trials further down the line, but would have to convince the court that the witness testimonies wouldn’t overlap too much – otherwise split trials would be a waste of resources.

Lil Peep’s mother and label have been feuding since his death. The label sued the mother for selling merchandise with her son’s name on it without their consent. She responded by filing a cross-complaint in March (21), alleging that FAE and label boss Sarah Stennett “engaged in a cover-up” after Peep’s death, “purposefully” withholding money to prevent Womack from “earning from Peep’s legacy.”

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