Lil Wayne Quits — And Then Re-Joins — Blink-182 Summer Tour, Citing ‘Swag’ Issues

Is he in, or is he out?! And how is his swag doing now, anyways???

Lil Wayne hopped right off Blink-182‘s summer tour right in the middle of a show this week, performing the first four songs of his set before stopping the entire thing, walking off stage, and calling it off… and then not even 24 hours later, he was back!

Basically, Lil Wayne had been slated to spend the summer touring all over America with the pop-punk band, but Weezy was apparently quickly growing tired of what he called sparse crowds and low energy in the building as they went city to city.

Things all came to a head — and boiled over, TBH — in the middle of this past week in northern Virginia, when Wayne stopped mid-show to complain about the tour. During the pause, as you can see on video (below), he very clearly tells fans he’s not used to tours like this, and indicates that he may not be long for the road before opting to quit on the whole thing altogether:

Yikes!!! Not a great look; even with him praising Blink-182, something tells us this could’ve been handled a little bit better and more forcefully behind the scenes?! Always a tough look when you bring the drama to the fans!!!

But worse than that alone, just minutes later — after allegedly only performing roughly four songs of his set — Weezy was GONE, having walked off the stage and out of the tour, apparently forever. WTF?!?!

Fortunately for those who have already purchased tickets to the rest of the shows in this summer tour, cooler heads must have prevailed back stage, because hours later, the New Orleans rapper cleared up the confusion and confirmed that he was NOT going to be quitting any time soon.

Here’s the apology(ish) tweet he made on Friday morning, seeming to confirm that he was going to keep performing on the tour alongside Blink-182 (below):

Well that’s certainly a better outcome than quitting in the middle of the tour, isn’ it?! Who knows what Blink would’ve done if they’d just completely lost their co-headliner up out of nowhere like that???

High drama on tour, y’all!

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