Lizzie Cundy is not a fan of Oprah since Meghan Markle interview

Lizzie Cundy sends personal message to Meghan Markle

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Lizzie Cundy, 54, regularly appears on talk shows to share her views on her old friend Meghan Markle, 41, since she and Prince Harry decided to take a step back from royal duties in 2020. She has admitted to that she is “not a fan” of Oprah Winfrey anymore since the talk show host came out after the Queen died to share her “surprise” over the bombshell interview.

I don’t think they’re being truthful!

Lizzie Cundy

Lizzie appears on various talk shows including TalkTV and This Morning to discuss her opinions on her former friend Meghan. asked Lizzie what she thought of how Oprah came across after her bombshell interview with Meghan and Harry last year.

Lizzie claimed: “There have been a lot of things that were said that haven’t been true.

“You know, Oprah has even come out and she’s kind of backtracked from the interview and it’s a shame she didn’t say this before because she’s kind of backtracking.

“She said, ‘Well I didn’t know it was going to be a bombshell interview’, well, actually it advertised as a bombshell interview!”

Lizzie fumed: “I don’t think they’re being truthful with that and I used to be a big fan of Oprah but I’m not now.

“I kind of thought, well I wished you had come out and said that after the interview instead of leaving it till after the Queen’s passed away.”

Lizzie is referring to Oprah’s appearance on CBS news when she discussed the interview with Gayle King just days after news broke that Queen Elizabeth II had died.

Oprah confessed: “I was as surprised by the bombshell as everybody else.

“I was doing an interview to offer them a platform to tell their story about why they left, and my number one intention was just clarity on ‘why did you leave?’

“And so some of the things that were revealed in that interview came as a surprise to me and those surprises are now referred to as ‘bombshell’, but I didn’t set out to do a ‘bombshell’ interview.

“I set out to do an interview, have a conversation that would allow them to tell their story.”

Lizzie made her thoughts very clear on the tell-all interview before it had even happened.

Speaking to OK! online, Lizzie had urged Meghan to “do the right thing” and pull the interview.

She said: “For someone that wants privacy, they’re doing it in a very funny way.

“I knew Meghan before and there seems to be a track record with her. I just feel with Meghan, she tends to use people.

“Once they’ve finished their purpose, she gets rid of them.

“She says one thing to get applause and then does another. It’s hypocritical.

“They say they want privacy, yet they’re doing this huge interview with Oprah and dishing the dirt on the royal family.”

More controversy around the Sussexes is expected as Harry prepares for the launch of his book, Spare, which is set to be released in the new year.

This will be a mere four months after the death of Her Majesty on September 8.

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