Loose Womens Saira Khan, 51, has £2.5k bum lift: My husband cant keep his hands off

Saira Khan has revealed that she has had a £2,500 bum lift that has left her husband unable to "keep his hands off".

The Loose Women panellist, who recently treated the pigmentation on her skin, has previously opened up about feeling insecure about her bottom.

Now the 51 year old has spoken in delight about undergoing the Lanluma procedure, which is a non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.

And the TV personality could not be more ecstatic about the results, gushing: "I'm not hiding anymore. Big bums used to be covered by baggy jumpers, but things are different now. So this is the only time I will ever say 'thank you' to Kim Kardashian!"

Saira added that the procedure has also improved her sex life with husband, Steve Hyde, who she has been married to for 17 years.

"He can't keep his hands off my bum!" she told The Sun.

Saira added: "We went out for dinner the other night, and normally we'd hold hands, but I found it there resting on my left (bum) cheek. So it's definitely had mutual benefits."

The procedure is said to reshape and contour the bum by using an injectable gel called Poly-L-lactic Acid to stimulate the body's natural collagen.

Admitting that the procedure did involve some discomfort, Saira noted that it was "slightly painful" afterwards.

However, it all seems worth it, as the former Apprentice star has now said the lift has given her "extra confidence", especially in a bikini.

"When I hit 50, something switched, and I thought, 'What the heck am I doing? Life's too short. I've got to start embracing it'. I've stopped regretting things and started living." she explained.

"I'm not self-conscious anymore, I just feel good. And I'm not wasting time trying to fiddle around finding bikini bottoms that sit in a certain way and all that nonsense."

In a candid Instagram post shared last week, Saira detailed the height of her insecurities as she shared a comparison photo against Victoria Beckham's bottom

She said: "I've made a total a** of myself when I've felt ugly. I missed opportunities, I beat myself up, I got myself into mental health issues. It wasn't worth it. The only person I hurt was myself.

"Embrace your mind first and the love for yourself will follow."

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