Love Island fans think Tommy and Molly-Mae are first couple to have sex

Love Island fans are convinced Tommy and Molly-Mae have become the first couple to romp in the villa.

Thursday night’s show ended with an X-rated scene showing the couple fumbling around in bed together after the lights go out.

Moments after the graphic scene aired, Love Island fans were all over Twitter questioning what they just saw.

One tweeted: ‘The UK trying to work out what was going on with Tommy and Molly Mae at the end there.’

Another tweeted to say they were awkwardly watching the show with their mum and dad.

‘Watching Molly and Tommy getting it on and pretending I have no idea what they are doing in front of my parents.’

A third wrote: ‘That awkward moment when Tommy and Molly Mae are having sex and you’re next to your mum.’

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— . (@anoesissss) June 20, 2019