Love Island’s Demi Jones reveals her father’s heartbreaking terminal cancer diagnosis caused her to push to get lump investigated further

Demi Jones is the fun-loving star who won the hearts of the nation as she appeared on Love Island at the beginning of 2020. The stunning reality star is sassy and an all-round lovable, bubbly person. But, unbeknownst to many of her fans, Demi has suffered a secret health scare after she discovering a lump in her neck in 2019.

After putting off having it checked out and having a gut instinct something could be wrong, Demi decided to visit the doctors earlier this year. Now, in a raw and honest interview just for OK! VIP members, the gorgeous reality star has opened up about her journey and how her dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis pushed her to find answers.

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Demi Jones has been candidly sharing her ongoing journey into having a lump in her neck removed and tested for cancer on social media of late. But, the star reveals to OK! that the journey had begun long before she appeared on our TV screens in early 2020.

Speaking ahead of her stunning Misguided range launch, Demi recalls to OK!: “It was in 2019, I was actually in university in my third year writing my dissertation. And, anyone who has been to uni will know it engulfs your life. So I found the lump and I didn’t do anything because I was too busy writing my dissertation and preparing for my exams.

“Then, about six months later I mentioned it to my mum and she went into panic mode. She was like: ‘Oh my God, how long has it been there’. I got it checked and they said it was all fine and then I went on Love Island and when I came out I had a few members of the public message me whilst I was on the show and said they noticed it whilst I was on TV.

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“And that’s how I sort of thought: ‘Oh well maybe it’s getting bigger’. And that’s when I went back last year.”

Demi went to the doctors to have the lump checked, but she wasn’t satisfied with the scan results so asked for further tests.

It turns out Demi’s request was exactly the right thing to do as the doctors tested the fluid inside the lump and later revealed concerns it could be cancerous, causing Demi to break down in tears in an emotional video.

Love Island star Demi, whose clothing range launches on Tuesday 11 May, explains there is a heartbreaking reason behind her pushing for further tests on the lump.

She reveals: “Unfortunately, my dad had a lump on his ear last year and he went to the doctors numerous times and they kept misdiagnosing him – saying it was this or that or whatever. And, my mum kept pushing and eventually, a year later, he was diagnosed with cancer but by this point it was terminal.


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“So, I know when I found my lump I had to be persistent with it because that could have saved his life.”

Last week, the stunning star underwent surgery to have the lump removed and is waiting to find out the doctor’s findings.

In the meantime, Demi has used her huge social media following to urge people to get their lumps and bumps checked, which has been motivated by her scare and her dad’s own health.

“That’s why I’m so on it with pushing people,” she says. “And, unfortunately, because of Covid and, obviously, the NHS are under so much pressure sometimes things are overlooked and appointments are rushed so, I just feel like if you feel like something is wrong you need to be pushed to be seen.”

The star has remained extremely positive on social media while still raising awareness and documenting her journey.

It may not have seemed so to the cameras, but Demi’s recovery has taken some time as she explains she has only started to feel normal again.

“I’m feeling better. I feel like today is the first day where I feel back to myself,” Demi says. “I’m in a bit of pain with my neck still.”

Demi is – like anyone would be – anxious about the the results but is pleased with the reaction and awareness she has raised so far.

“I’m a bit nervous for the results,” the beautiful reality star explains. “But, the reason I’m putting it out there is to raise awareness. I’ve had so many young girls and, also celebrities, reaching out to me about their lumps and they’ve said they’ve book doctors appointments because of me and found lumps because of my story so that’s the main reason I’m putting it out there. I’m hoping it can raise awareness for other people.”

Explaining the next stages the stunning star went on: “I’m getting my stitches out tomorrow so hopefully that will give me a bit more mobility in my neck! At the moment I’m a bit scared. And then I’ve got to wait two weeks for the results.

“So if the results come back and it’s not cancer then fabulous, all good. If not then I’ve got to go for a full thyroidectomy, so I will have another operation to remove the other thyroid.”

Aside from her current health journey, Demi is bravely still working on her ever-growing career.

And has launched her very own edit with clothing giant Missguided. Speaking of the range, Demi couldn’t contain her excitement as she said: “When I first saw it, I worked with the design team to try and get it to reflect my personality, which I feel is really fun and warm and when I saw it, I literally showed my mum straight away and she was like: ‘Demi this is completely you!’ And I was like: ‘Yeah I know!’ So I can’t wait to actually see people in it.”

The full Havana Edit by Demi Jones is available in sizes 4 – 26 from £8.00 – £35.00 and available on

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