My Mother's Boyfriend Dumped Her – So I Did THIS! | Perez Hilton

Just came across this video from October of 2010. Momma Perez and her boyfriend has broken up. He was very unhappy living in Los Angeles, so he moved back to Miami. Perez paid for Momma P to go to Orlando and visit all the Disney theme parks and he invited a friend of hers and Sister Perez. He told her he was too busy to go, but he surprised her and showed up and this was her reaction! Mom and her ex ended up getting back together. But, life. He passed away in 2019 of cancer. And life! It is such a gift! We want to live more! To the max! With mom and the kids! As long as healthily possible!

Watch! Enjoy!


And CLICK HERE to check out more of Perez’s throwback videos!

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