N-Dubz star Fazer reveals his girlfriend is pregnant with twins: Its double trouble

N-Dubz rapper Fazer is going to be a dad-of-three as his girlfriend is expecting twins.

Fazer is already dad to nine year old daughter Ava Rose, whom he shares with now-pregnant partner Ashley Havelin.

At the time of her pregnancy with Ava, the rapper’s long-term girlfriend admitted that her bump with her daughter didn’t begin to properly show until she was five months along.

However, this pregnancy has proven to be very different in light of the mum-of-one carrying twins.

Sharing their joyful baby news, Fazer, 35, revealed that the pregnancy has “blown them away", and described them as "blessed".

“It's double trouble – We have been blessed,” he told The Sun.

“It totally blew us away, we’ve been walking on air since we found out the news that we are expecting twins.”

Discussing her pregnancy, Ashley admitted that the morning sickness has “been on another level”, but said that her beau has been “amazing”.

She went on: “My tummy is already double the size – I didn't show with Ava until I was well into my 5th month. I had no idea I was pregnant, it was a total surprise.”

Another surprise which may be on the agenda is a proposal, with Fazer having been rumoured to be planning to pop the question to Ashley.

“He thinks it's the right time to take his relationship with Ashley to the next level," a source told The Sun.

"Fazer has been ring shopping and he's got a good idea of what he wants and when he'll pop the question."

The source added he had been looking at rings at Rankins Jewellers in east London of which he is said to be a fan.

The rapper’s exciting baby joy comes shortly after N-Dubz was announced to be reuniting after ten years.

Band member Tulisa, 33, confirmed the surprising news on her Twitter page earlier this year as she posted a trailer promoting N-Dubz tour, which will kick start in November.

N-Dubz received great success in the UK when they released their first album in 2008 and their second the following year, before they eventually decided to go on hiatus in 2011 to concentrate on their solo careers.

N-Dubz dans were overjoyed at the news, and took to social media to express their excitement.


"I am so excited! Life has truly been made!!!!!!!!!!" someone else commented, as another follower added: "I'm losing my mind – no way this is real!"


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