Olivia Munn Reveals She Dated A PROBLEMATIC Conspiracy Theorist

Olivia Munn is really spilling the tea on her exes lately!

After recently calling out an unnamed ex for being “the worst” at sex, the actress got candid about another undesirable trait she experienced in a partner. On an episode of Anna FarisUnqualified podcast, she revealed that one of her former boyfriends was a conspiracy theorist!

She shared:

“I dated a conspiracy theorist once, for a few years. … And I remember, it was early on, it was like two months in, and he said, like, the craziest thing to me. It’s so crazy that it would be triggering if I said it out loud.”

OMG we have to know what it was! She doesn’t say, but does tease it was enough to break up with the guy! Unfortunately that didn’t stick…

“And I was like, ‘I can’t date you. I can’t.’ And I remember he broke down crying and was like, ‘Give me another chance.’ And I remember just thinking, ‘Well, maybe he’s just been kind of sheltered for a lot of his life even though he seems like he’s successful and he’s got some stuff going .’ But then I realized, like, too far into it, and I was like, ‘Oh, those are some big red flags.’”


It’s a bit surprising that Munn would admit to dating someone for “a few years” who held beliefs so “triggering” she can’t even say them out loud. We’re VERY curious what theory she’s referring to, though. Toxic and dangerous conspiracies are kind of en vogue right now, sadly, but assuming this was a while ago, we might be able to rule out the QAnon conspiracy. (Though the “Pizzagate” conspiracy did crop up nearly four years ago now.)

We can also assume the conspiracy wasn’t just a simple (and simple-minded) “flat earth” theory based on her further comments. The 40-year-old continued:

“You know, I’m all for a conspiracy theory and trying to understand things that seem like they are more duplicitous in ways, but sometimes, like, the Earth is flat, that whole thing, or what this guy said, and he would then continue to say other stuff. You’re just like, ‘Oh man. I can’t.’ … A conspiracy theorist I just can’t do. That’s just not my jam. I’m not saying there’s not a place for them in the world, they’re just not next to me.”

She says she “can’t,” but she also did, for multiple years, despite knowing about his disturbing views as early as two months in…? And presumably other amazing men and women are out there slumming it with these people, letting them continue to just spew their nonsense and ignoring it. Hmm.

Based on these quotes, we somehow doubt this guy’s theories were the far-out but ultimately harmless UFO kind, or the “Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing” ish. Munn’s reluctance to say points to something more scary — maybe of the unfortunately prevalent anti-semitic variety (anywhere from the hatefully ignorant Holocaust deniers to the bigoted, pernicious “George Soros funds anti-American protests” mouthpieces).

Or perhaps her ex was spouting harmful conspiracy theories about immigrants. You can hear some of these conspiracies coming straight from President Donald Trump, his administration and supporters, so they’ve been given unfortunate legitimacy these days.

With that in mind… the other question is: which of Munn’s exes is the culprit? The Newsroom star has been connected to a handful of famous dudes: Comcast exec Tucker Roberts, footballer Aaron Rodgers, actors Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pine, and Matthew Morrison, and hockey player Brad Richards. It scares us to think ANY of them are spouting conspiracy nonsense!

And is this a different ex than the one who was terrible at sex? Or could it possibly be the same one?! She did say she dated both of these guys for “years,” so either way, she seems to have terrible luck in the dating world…

We wish Olivia all the best in her future romantic endeavors… but we really hope she exercises some better judgment in the future!

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