Paris Hilton Says Harvey Weinstein Got Aggressive with Her, Invited Her to Hotel Room

Paris Hilton says she had a TERRIFYING run-in with Harvey Weinstein at the Cannes Film Festival when she was a just teenager.

Hilton told Glamour UK mag she was having lunch with a female friend at the festival in 2000 when Weinstein walked over to their table and asked if she wanted to be an actress.

The then-19-year-old Hilton says she responded, ‘Yeah, I really want to be in a movie.’ Paris says she was impressed by Weinstein and thought he was “cool” at the time.

Harvey Weinstein 2000 Cannes Film Festival

Weinstein then allegedly hit on her, explaining, ‘Well, we should have a meeting. You can come up to my room and read scripts’… and I just didn’t want to go, so I never went.”

But, the next night, Paris says Weinstein followed her to the ladies bathroom at the festival’s annual amfAR gala for AIDS research and screamed at her, “Ya wanna be a star?”

Paris says Weinstein then tried to open the bathroom door and started banging on it with his fist. But, Paris says, she refused to open the door and told Weinstein, ‘I’m in a stall, why do you want to come in here?’

Security eventually arrived and escorted Weinstein out — btw, he was hosting the event. As Weinstein was led away, he allegedly went bonkers, stating, “This is my party!” Paris admits, “It scared me and freaked me out.”

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison In L.A. Sexual Assault Case

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison In L.A. Sexual Assault Case

Through a spokesperson, Weinstein told Variety that Paris’ story was “probably false.”  The disgraced film producer went on to say “he had always treated Paris Hilton with the utmost respect and kindness, and always believed they had a cordial relationship.”

As you know, Weinstein was sentenced at his L.A. trial Thursday to 16 years in prison for sexual assault. He is also serving 23 years for a 2020 rape conviction in New York.

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