Piers Morgan jibes ‘hapless’ Alastair Campbell over ‘worst gaffe in breakfast history’

Piers Morgan has ‘a lot of time on his hands’ says Schofield

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Despite not being the face of Good Morning Britain anymore, it hasn’t stopped Piers Morgan, 56, from watching the show and becoming perhaps slightly more critical of the new presenters stepping into his shoes. Last week, Alastair Campbell, 63, was appointed to the hot seat – coinciding with mental health awareness week – but came under intense scrutiny from Piers.

This worst gaffe in breakfast show history

Piers Morgan

In his latest column for the Mail on Sunday, the outspoken star discussed “the worst gaffe in breakfast show history”, after the former Labour MP wrongfully announced that the Queen had died.

Alastair had accidentally muddled his words, mistaking her for Prince Philip who died in April.

“Can I just say something, I think I may have accidentally announced the death of the Queen,” he said on the show, “I meant Prince Philip, of course.”

While discussing having dinner with fellow journalist Mariella Frostrup last week, he revealed she went in for a hug despite coronavirus rules stipulating that until today, they were still not allowed.

“‘Sorry Mariella, you’ll have to wait until Monday, or I’ll have you arrested,'” he jokingly wrote in his column.

“I haven’t seen a face so crushed since this morning when Alastair Campbell sealed his brief GMB presenting stint with a grovelling apology for mistakenly telling viewers the Queen had died.”

He added: “Ironically, this worst gaffe in breakfast show history may have killed off hapless Al’s scheming aspirations to be the new me.

“I’d give him a consoling hug, if it was allowed.”

Of course, the isn’t the first time Piers has had something to say about his replacement on the show.

After the politician and Susanna‘s interview with former Prime Minister Tony Blair on last Wednesday, he felt he needed to address some of the comments made that came across as hypocritical.

Blair was quizzed by his own former Downing Street communications chief, about comments he had written about him in his memoirs, where he referred to him as “crazy”.

Campbell, who suffers from depression, told Blair: “‘You said that there are two types of crazy people, there are crazy people who are just dangerous, and there are crazy people who are creative and give you energy and ideas, and that’s Alastair’s type of craziness.'”

“Do you accept that’s a tad stereotyping of mental health?” he then took him to task for his use of language.

Blair replied jokingly: “Yes, but it’s probably better than if I’d put you in the former category.”

But Piers pointed out that Campbell had also referred to himself as “crazy” in a previous interview with UK tech firm Plexal.

He had said: “There is no better feeling than that energy that you have when you’re a bit kind of crazy and a bit manic.”

In his latest column for the Mail Online, the former GMB host wasn’t having any of it.

“So, he only seems to object to stereotypical mental health language when it is other people using it,” he wrote.

“The same kind of hypocrisy we see all the time from those woke warriors Meghan and Harry who love to preach about equality and climate change from their Californian mansion and private jets.”

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