R. Kelly Accused of Sexually Abusing Male Minor He Met at McDonald's

R. Kelly is facing new allegations in his criminal case out of Chicago — which is about to go to trial next month — including claims that he sexually abused a male minor … whom he’s said to have met at a McDonald’s.

Prosecutors in Kelly’s federal sex trafficking case filed the bombshell Friday, seeking to enter new evidence they say supports their accusations of a slew of new crimes they insist Kelly committed … including alleged abuse of a male under the age of 18 in the 2000s.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelly met a 17-year-old boy in 2006 at a McDonald’s … whom they say Kelly then invited to a party at his Chicago residence. The kid went with his parents, but the feds say Kelly told him to swing by next time by himself … and, apparently, the 17-year-old did — at which point, things allegedly turned sexual.

The feds say that upon returning visits to Kelly’s place — and under the guise of trying to help jumpstart the boy’s singing career — Kelly began a sexual relationship with him. Soon after that, prosecutors claim the 17-year-old intro’d Kelly to yet another minor male — who was either 16 or 17 at the time — and they say Kelly sought to sexually abuse him too.

It wasn’t until years later, it seems, that something materialized between the second John Doe and Kelly, so say the feds. They say Kelly did, in fact, begin a sexual relationship with him as well — but that he allegedly would command the guy to have sex with women in his orbit … and allegedly filmed a lot of those encounters. There are new Jane Does sprinkled in the filing as well, BTW … on top of the ones he’s already alleged to have trafficked.

The McDonald’s thing is interesting … we know he’s a fan of the Golden Arches. He went there for after posting bail and (temporarily) being sprung from jail more than 2 years ago.

Anyway, there are even more accusations the federal government wants permission to support with new evidence it says it’s obtained … including the claim that someone on R. Kelly’s team successfully bribed a Cook County official for inside info on the case back in 2019.

Allegedly, that CC official took $2,500 from this Kelly team member … as well as a burner phone so they could communicate. The official is said to be a clerk … but is unnamed.

A judge has yet to rule on what Uncle Sam wants — namely, to submit this new evidence they say they have, to have it looked over, which they hope leads to even further charges filed against the singer. This trial is supposed to get underway in about 4 weeks.

R. Kelly has other legal trouble in other states … but the federal case seems to be the one that’ll get started first. He’s been given more time to secure and confer with new attorneys in the wake of much of his old legal team jumping ship in the past several months.

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