Rapper Queen Key Insists 600 Breezy Is Father of Triplets Despite Denial, Goes off on His GF Sky

Taking to Twitter to blast the ‘Black Ink Crew’ beauty, the ‘Hey Ma’ rapper says, ‘How tf u gone be a step mama and couldn’t even take care of yo own kids.’

AceShowbiz -The father of Queen Key‘s unborn triplets has finally been identified, and it is the rapper herself that reveals his identity. During an Instagram Live session, Key confirmed that 600 Breezy is her baby daddy shortly after he denied it when a fan asked him whether or not he’s expecting triplets with the female emcee.

With that said, many people have since dubbed Breezy’s current girlfriend, Sky, as the step mother of the unborn triplets. However, it appears Key doesn’t like the sound of it because later after the Live session, she took to Twitter to blast the “Black Ink Crew” star. “How tf u gone be a step mama & couldn’t even take care of yo own kids …. & can’t have more cause u too damn old lmao breezy a** betta go play before I shut his whole life down lmao,” she wrote.

She continued, “My kids will never have a step mama or atleast one that couldn’t even take care of they own kids be for real before I hurt cho f***in feelings lmao fr.” Key then expressed how her wish both Breezy and Sky would not be around her children once they are born. Instead, she said both of them should be “just legit sending checks… mfs betta put they money togetha.” She added, “Lmao whole couple don’t take care of they kids lmao!”

While Breezy continues to stay mum after the allegation, Sky has since reacted to the diss. Speaking to The Shade Room, the reality TV star admitted she didn’t understand why Queen dissed her like that when both of them had never spoken to each other in daily life. Still, she wished nothing but the best for the “Hey Ma” rapper during her pregnancy.

“Breezy and her had whatever dealings BEFORE me,” Sky told the gossip blog. “I wish her nothing but a happy and healthy pregnancy! The babies didn’t ask to come into negativity.”

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