Reba McEntire Gets in on the 'I'm a Survivor' TikTok Trend

Reba McEntire tried her hand at the “I’m a Survivor” challenge on TikTok and her response is everything. McEntire took to TikTok Monday to post her own take at the viral trend, which is set to the lyrics from the theme song of her hit TV series, Reba: “A single mom who works two jobs. Who loves her kids and never stops. With gentle hands and heart of a fighter. I’m a survivor.” 

In the video, McEntire is seen working hard on her farm, bringing pales of food to her two donkeys, who don’t seem too impressed by her efforts. As the video comes to an end, the country singer turns to the camera and lip syncs the words, “I’m a survivor.”

“When it’s time to feed your donkeys and they’re not the least bit impressed #ImASurvivor #Donkeys #FarmLife #Reba #CountryGirl,” she captioned the clip.

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