Rebel Wilson Says She's 'On The Hunt For Love' Months After Jacob Busch Breakup

Single and VERY ready to mingle!

Rebel Wilson is “on the hunt for love” months after breaking things off with Jacob Busch… But she does have some major turn-offs!

According to The Sun on Sunday, the Pitch Perfect actress is ready to settle down with the love of her life. Once she finds one that is. After buying a place in London, the performer is planning to spend “a lot more” time in the UK. Naturally, she’s hoping to snag herself a hot British beau!

Via the outlet, the Senior Year star dished:

“I love England. I’ve bought a place in London so I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot more time there in the future.”

On romance, she explained that she is “someone who is established in my career” and now that that’s settled she is “definitely on the hunt for love.” However, she notes:

“But it has to be the right person.”

And the Isn’t It Romantic lead has a good idea of who’s not “the right person” these days! Among that list is her most recent ex, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune (below).

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The couple was together for more than a year before their split in February. While their romance ended, it was at least an amicable split; they’ve remained friends on social media. Keeping things cordial, Rebel explained:

“I’ve definitely found some amazing people, it just hasn’t been totally right. I’m still on the hunt.”

Oh, and if you’re wonder whether this is your chance to message Rebel? DON’T!

It 100% isn’t romantic to The Hustle producer when she has men sliding into her DMs. In fact, she won’t even look at those messages! So fellas, better shoot your shot IRL instead!

Speaking of social media hookups, the 41-year-old insisted:

“Don’t ever DM me, guys, if you’re not someone I follow, because I won’t read it. It’s just like opening a gate to things that you don’t know. There could be d**k pics, there could be anything in those DMs.”

Makes total sense!! Especially since opening an anonymous DM could lead to a whole other can of worms — like exposing herself to unwanted criticism. She explained:

“I tend to just not look at it because as a human being you get a bit sad if someone writes something mean about you.”

Keeping her head held high, the comedienne shared some advice to fans struggling with online haters, concluding:

“Randoms on the internet don’t really know you so you shouldn’t get offended about what they might say.”

Amen to that!

This update on the Pooch Perfect host’s love life doesn’t come as a complete shock considering she embarked on a fertility journey last year! After losing around 65 lbs to give herself the best chance at getting pregnant one day, the Aussie did receive some unfortunate news from doctors.

Without getting into the details, the actress hoped there would soon be “light about to shine through all the dark clouds.” We know Rebel is no damsel in distress, but here’s to hoping a knight in shinning amour finds his way to her soon!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Think Rebel will have look at finding love in England? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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