Sherri Shepherd smashes chips, puts coffee grounds on them so she won’t eat them

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Sherri Shepherd was on Access Hollywood talking about what she’s up to lately. She said she’s been sexy zooming with guys she meets online in this, our most sexless year. She’s not getting too raunchy but she did a whole demonstration of trying to show her legs from her rolling office chair. She was wearing short shorts and her legs are goals, she must be working out a lot. Plus, like a lot of us, she’s eating her way through the pandemic. Sherri gave up sugar a few years ago to do keto and her remaining vice is chips. When she notices she’s eating too many she just smashes up the bag and then puts other trash on top of the crumbs so she’s not tempted to pour them into her mouth. (My words, but I always tip the bag into my mouth so I figure she does this too.) Sherri is promoting season 3 of Mr. Iglesias on Netflix, with Gabriel Iglesias. She said she and Fluffy go way back to the comic circuit together, when they were both broke and driving beater cars. She is also promoting her podcast with Kym Whitley, Two Funny Mamas, available now on YouTube. Here’s some of what she said and the video is below.

On her ‘involuntary’ two years of celibacy
Quarantine. I am chatting with different people online. You know after a while you get tired of talking about ‘what did you do all day?’ ‘I was home all day.’

On how she stops eating snacks
I have been off sugar since 2016, the bane of my existence is potato chips. I was having a tantrum and I just had to bang them into oblivion so I wouldn’t eat them. They were so crushed. I ended up throwing them away. This is what I do, I throw it away, then I pour coffee grounds and water on it and mac n cheese.

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I’ve mentioned this before, but it reminds me of that scene in Sex and The City where Miranda bought made a box cake and then poured dishwashing detergent over it in the trash so she wouldn’t be tempted to finish eating it. I’ve never dug anything out of the trash to eat it again (ok maybe twice with candy) but I’ve definitely thrown things out so I won’t eat the whole bag. My vice is sugar and candy though, and I’m trying to cut down in the new year. The key is just not to buy it or to get a substitute I don’t like as much. Lately I’ve been buying crappier ice cream so I have some if I’m desperate but am not tempted to eat the whole pint. I get Baskin Robbins instead of Ben and Jerrys. BR ice cream flavors are so one note! I still eat it though it’s just like the joy is sucked out of it. That’s true of a lot of things lately.

Here’s the interview, it’s cute and worth watching. I love Access they do the best interviews:

I like her purple tree!

A post shared by Sherri (@sherrieshepherd)

A post shared by Sherri (@sherrieshepherd)

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