So weird, go away! Stacey Solomon hits back at fiancé Joe Swash over reality insight

Stacey Solomon says she's exhausted as she looks with new baby

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You put the phone down and pick the spoon up!

Stacey Solomon

“You put the phone down and pick the spoon up!” she urged Joe, who was instead busy filming her.

Stacey, who was cuddling up to her two-year-old son Rex in bed, seemed to be enjoying the tasty treat.

However, she jokingly voiced her frustration that Joe preferred to watch the family moment than take action.

“Are you gonna carry on?” she challenged in the short clip, which Joe quickly posted to Instagram Stories to share with his 1.8 million followers.

When he replied in the affirmative, she responded: “So weird, go away!”

Few could blame Stacey for wanting to take some time out.

The Loose Women host and Joe welcomed their second child together on her birthday back in October, and she has been experiencing some anxiety over the breastfeeding of adorable four-month-old Rose.

Although Stacey has enjoyed getting to know her first daughter after giving birth to three boys, she has been concerned that her breasts seem to “run out of milk in the evening” and recently shared the insecurity with fans on her stories.

She claimed she had been drinking and eating “more than ever” and didn’t understand why it was happening.

“It probably sounds ridiculous but by this time every night my boobs are like empty balloons and Rose has a little moment where she seems like she’s cross that she can’t get any food out.

“Is there anything you can do to get more milk at night?” she queried.

Perhaps her pineapple cake treat was an attempt to boost her nutrition and lower the risk of further breastfeeding issues.

However, Stacey hadn’t bargained on Joe becoming a one-man audience while she did so.

She received a “comforting” response from her Instagram followers, however, before updating them that Strictly Coming Dancing’s Musical Week had sent her drowsy daughter off to sleep after her feeds.

Elsewhere, Stacey recently posted a picture of Rose’s first smile, and wrote alongside it: “We promise to try our hardest to make you smile like this forever and ever.”

Many fans believe Rose is the spitting image of her father in the photo, where she boasted a bright blue hair bow.

Instagrammer louiserobinson9589 even joked: “It’s Joe with a bow!”

In another post, Stacey asked her baby: “I wonder what you’re thinking of. Most likely how long until my boobs fill back up again!”

She added tenderly: “I remember when I used to stare at my neighbours’ roses over the fence every morning.

“Now I have my very own rose to stare at. We are so in love with you baby Rose!”

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