Spanish star Ana Obregón announces surrogate baby is her late sons

Last week Ana Obregón, 68, shocked fans as she revealed she had welcomed a baby from a surrogate in the United States, avoiding Spain’s laws forbidding this, and sparking a national debate on the topic.

However, the actress has now divulged that the baby was fathered by her late son, Aless Lequio, who tragically died at the age of 27, after a battle with cancer, in 2020.

Currently in Miami, the actress made the bombshell confession to ¡Hola! Magazine, saying: “This girl isn’t my daughter, she’s my granddaughter.”

She explained that “Aless’s final wish” was to “bring a child of his own into the world”, and a sample of his sperm was frozen and stored in New York shortly before his death.

The BBC reported that the surrogate mother is a woman of Cuban origin living in Florida.

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Ana is planning to register the baby, named Ana Sandra, at the Spanish consulate before the pair fly to Madrid.

The sitcom star is also reportedly open to potentially giving young Ana siblings in the future.

However, the situation has a few potential legal, and ethical, hang-ups.

The BBC highlighted that the adoption may pose a legal issue as in Spain’s civil code, one is not entitled to adopt a descendant.

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However, the Bolera star has emphasised that although she is biologically the baby girl’s grandmother, she is now legally her mother. 

One other potential legal dilemma Ana may have to face is that, in Spain, using a dead man’s semen for insemination in assisted reproduction is only allowed within 12 months of the man’s death, whereas Aless died in May 2020.

Ana initially turned heads with her announcement last week as surrogacy is illegal in Spain, however, adopting a child from abroad is not, and the actress’ use of this apparent loophole has stirred some criticism across the country.

Equality Minister Irene Montero has previously spoken out against surrogacy, condemning it as “a form of violence against women”, but Ana has branded the debate “absurd”, claiming that it is simply a form of assisted reproduction.

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