Strictlys Tilly Ramsay forced to sit in studio corner by Nikita Kuzmin after making error

Strictly's Tilly Ramsay forced to sit in corner by Nikita Kuzmin

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Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita Kuzmin took to Instagram today to reveal that he made his celebrity partner Tilly Ramsay “sit in the corner” after continually making the same mistake in their routine. The duo were rehearsing in a studio this morning when the star gave his fans an update on how dance practice was going, sharing how Tilly’s frame “wasn’t good enough” as they practiced their Quickstep ahead of Saturday’s live show.

Because she didn’t have a good enough frame

Nikita Kuzmin

In view of his 80,400 followers, Nikita explained how he had told the children’s TV presenter to take a time out in the corner after making a mistake.

The dance professional told his followers: “So, Tilly is right now sitting in the corner,” he said, while zooming in on the star.

“You finished me off and it’s only 11 in the morning!” Tilly could be heard saying.

“[She’s] sitting in the corner because she didn’t have a good enough frame,” Nikita explained.

Going on, he said: “So I noticed that and I put her in the corner and now she has to stay there for one hour.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind that!” Tilly quipped, before urging her partner to go into further details about their rehearsal today.

“Tell them what we did this morning,” the star said.

Clearly confused, Nikita replied: “You didn’t do anything this morning, what did you do?!”

“Are you kidding?” Tilly was heard saying as Nikita laughed.

She went on: “You’ve got me running around in the room!”

Agreeing, Nikita responded: “Yeah, it’s a small room – guys, you see, today we’re in a smaller room and it’s a bit more difficult to run.”

Explaining, he went on: “She has to run in a circle because the Quickstep has quite a lot of running steps”

“I’m so dizzy, my poor shoulders!” Tilly said.

This week will see the pair Quickstep to I Won’t Dance by Damita Jo.

Last Saturday Tilly and Nikita found themselves in the bottom two against Adam Peaty and Katya Jones.

Taking part in the dreaded dance-off together, they performed their Tango for a second time and managed to convince the judges to keep them in the show.

But despite being saved, the TV presenter admitted it was a “bittersweet” moment due to Adam’s exit.

Appearing on spin-off show It Takes Two, Tilly said: “It’s good to have something to fight for.

“Now I want to fight to prove I can still be in this competition and fight to get a better score.”

She told host Rylan Clark-Neal: “And I’m just so grateful I’m here for another week.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

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