Sylvester Stallone Auction Full of 'Rocky' Memorabilia

Sylvester Stallone and “Rocky” fans are gonna love this … a bunch of memorabilia from his acting career and the movie franchise is hitting the auction block, including boxing gloves he wore in the franchise.

Julien’s Auctions just announced the massive collection, and the highlights include Sly’s boxing gloves used on camera in “Rocky III,” and his training gloves from “Rocky Balboa.”

The haul also includes the boxing mouth guard SS wore as Rocky in the iconic 1976 film … and his original handwritten notebooks filled with story development ideas for the first four installments of the film franchise.

Hulk Hogan famously fought Sly in ‘Rocky III’ … and the original artwork from their on-set fight is open for bidding.

The OG ‘Rocky’ won the Golden Globe for Best Picture in 1977, and the announcement card from the award show is up for sale … along with original concept art for the film poster, and a shadowbox display with ‘Rocky’ themed boxing shorts produced for Planet Hollywood.

Sly’s signed boxing training pad from “Creed” can be yours … as well as his Air Jodan boxing boots from the movie.

The Stallone auction isn’t just about ‘Rocky’ … there’s also memorabilia from his work on the ‘Rambo’ franchise.

The ‘Rambo’ gear includes … knives, arrow quivers, headbands, scripts, watches, duffel bags, combat boots, prop guns and a machete.

The auction is being held Sunday at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills and live online.

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