Taina Williams Defended After Getting Dragged for Gifting G Herbo ‘Cheap’ Jeep for Birthday

The stepdaughter of Fabolous decides to give her rapper boyfriend a Jeep Trackhawk because he previously revealed in his song that it was something that he wanted.

AceShowbizLil Herb a.k.a. G Herbo recently celebrated his birthday, and his girlfriend Taina Williams had a special birthday gift for him. However, her birthday gift prompted her to become the subject of criticism because people thought that her gift was not “luxurious,” though not a few have come to the social media star’s defense.

For Herbo’s birthday, the stepdaughter of Fabolous bought him a Jeep Trackhawk that costs around $100,000. Taina decided to present him with the vehicle because the rapper said in his song that he wanted the jeep. He rhymed on “I Want It”, “I don’t give a f**k, it’s a hunnid/ Know I’ma hit me one of ’em/ I ain’t copped a Trackhawk, Hellcat, nothin’/ Gotta at least get me one of ’em.”

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Despite the reasoning behind it, people dragged Taina for giving him a Jeep Trackhawk since in their opinion, it was not luxurious enough. Some even compared it to the Maybach Ari Fletcher gave MoneyBagg Yo earlier this year, with one mocking her, “Fab : this is all the money I’m giving you for his gift. Taina: this ain’t enough Fab: make it enough.” Meanwhile, another sarcastically commented, “She must be on a budget. A jeep?!” There was also an individual who said, “She aint waste no bag some should take note.”

Fortunately for her, some people have come to her defense. “Funny how so many females are clowning Taina for getting herbo a Jeep but most of em can’t even buy their man a chicken sandwich,” one person wrote. “Not some of y’all talking mess about her buying a jeep while wearing a walmart shirt in your profile pic alot of y’all living pay check to pay check sit this one out,” an individual said.

In the meantime, someone noted, “Y’all in the comments talkin about ‘A Jeep???’ … first off that’s a Trackhawk Jeep. Google it. Secondly, WHAT ARE YOU DRIVING?” Another echoed, “And I know yall not in these comments coming for her buying a JEEP, while you’re waiting on your Uber?”

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