Teen Mom OG Season 9 Preview: Who’s Pregnant? Who’s Getting Divorced? Who’s Battling Covid?

Well folks, a new season of Teen Mom OG is almost upon us.

MTV announced this week that the show's ninth season is set to premiere on January 26.

It might feel like there have been several seasons more than nine, but for contractual reasons, producers are in the habit of breaking the episodes up into seasons "A" and  "B."

(The Moms are all guaranteed raises for a each new season, but not for each "B" season.)

Anyway, this time around, we'll see Amber Portwood and company doing what we've all been doing for much of the past year — coming to grips with the "new normal" created by the coronavirus pandemic.

But the Covid-19 outbreak isn't the only surprise these ladies have in store.

Keep scrolling for more insider info on what promises to be a very eventful season.

1.The OGs Are Back

2.The More Things Change …

3.It's Happening!

4.2020 Vibes

5.Big Things Are Happening

6.New Man For Cheyenne?

7.Surprise Baby!

8.Cory Wharton and Little Ryder

9.A Devastating Loss

10.Speaking Her Truth

11.Excitement Turned to Tragedy

12.Overwhelmed By Grief

13.A Loving Tribute

14.Heavy Material

15.The Bentley Question

16.A Difficult Choice

17.Back Off the Wagon?

18.A Difficult Position

19.Rock and a Hard Place

20.Amber vs. Leah

21.Making It Work

22.On-Again, Off-Again

23.Out on Her Own?

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