Terrible idea! Ralf Little talks watching Death in Paradise special with his family

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little on watching Christmas episode

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Death in Paradise star Ralf Little has claimed that it’s a “terrible” idea to watch the Christmas special of the hit BBC show with his family. Speaking on The Zoe Ball Radio Show to host Nicki Chapman, the star, 41, opened up about why he may be better off watching it alone.

It sounds like a terrible idea the more and more I say it

Ralf Little

Speaking about the Christmas special of the whodunnit show, Ralf admitted that he had yet to see the episode.

He said: “It’s full of the usual twists and turns, and great mystery and a few surprises.

“And I think people are going to like it,” he told the radio presenter.

“I haven’t seen it yet, I mean I hope it’s not terrible,” he joked.

Zoe’s substitute host went on to reveal that she had managed to sneak a peek of the Christmas special, leaving Ralf shocked.

“How have you managed to see it?” he jokingly demanded.

She went on to gush over the show’s festive offering, reassuring him that it was up to its usual standard.

Relaying his new plans, Ralf told how he was now planning to watch it with his family.

He said: “Do you know what I might do?

“Because they said they’d send a link today so that I could watch it in advance, but I think I’m just going to leave it now.

“I think I’m going to watch it at the same time as everyone else watches it and sit with my family and make them sit down,-” he said before cutting himself off.

“Actually, it sounds like a terrible idea the more and more I say it,” Ralf added.

“No!” insisted Nikki, adding: “It will be lovely.”

Explaining his reasoning, Ralf continued: “They’ll be talking through it, my mum will be going, ‘I don’t like that tie that you’re wearing!’ so actually maybe this is a terrible idea.

“I should probably watch it in advance,” he went on.

Responding, Nikki said: “You’ll be saying, ‘There’s a good bit coming up, be quiet!'”

Agreeing, Ralf said: “Exactly! ‘I’m really good at this bit!'” he joked.

Also in the interview, the actor revealed that the filming for series 11 had just wrapped.

The series is set to air in January next year.

Death in Paradise Christmas special airs Boxing Day at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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