The Reluctant Golfer: Episode 3

In the third instalment of Global Okanagan’s The Reluctant Golfer, Travis Lowe gets one last lesson before venturing onto a course.

PGA teaching professional Wes Danyluk instructs Lowe on the finer points of golf’s short game: putting, chipping and bunker shots.

“It’s the one shot in golf where the club doesn’t make contact with the golf ball,” Danyluk told Lowe of bunker shots.

“To get the golf ball out [of a sand bunker], it’s actually the explosion of the sand that carries the ball out. You want to hit about an inch behind and explode the sand out to where you want the ball to land.”

Danyluk also explained how to chip shots onto the green and how to putt.

Next week, The Reluctant Golfer hits the Okanagan Golf Club’s Quail course with former Global Okanagan weatherman Mike Roberts.


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