The Repair Shops Will Kirk bids sad farewell to friend for life after BBC show airs

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Will Kirk will be back again tonight for the latest episode of The Repair Shop. However, the star was recently left emotional after saying goodbye to an important restoration on the show.

Will is a much-loved part of the BBC show, with his emotional responses to guests often leaving viewers in tears.

However, recently it was Will’s turn to be moved by his own work on the show.

In a post on his Instagram account, Will bid farewell to one of his favourite restorations.

He shared a picture of Toby, a lovingly restored rocking horse in the workshop.

Alongside this, Will penned: “I couldn’t resist a little selfie with Toby.

“It was really sad to see him go, but I think we’ll be friends for life.”

The beloved presenter then ended his post to his 144,000 followers with the hashtags “#therepairshop #mates.”

Many of them responded to the post on November 22, sharing their views.

Sueandthefluffs wrote: “Loved Toby. You did an excellent job on him.”

“Can’t wait to see this one!” added Lucinda.Goulden.

Sallybrocklebank commented: “Great reaction from the proud owner.

“You guys are making so many people incredibly happy.”

Jwtrysgardening penned: “Well done Will, just the right amount of repair and rejuvenating.”

Elsewhere, Will grew tearful in a recent episode of the hit BBC show.

Last week, he was given a special gift from his fellow cast members.

These were all handmade by the other presenters on the series.

Will was the final star to open his present, receiving a knit grey scarf.

It was from Dominic Chinea and left him lost for words.

Dom surprised him by confessing he had knitted it after his mother taught him as a child.

Will welled up, saying: “I am speechless. Thank you Dom.”

The Repair Shop returns tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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