Tom Morello Pays Tribute To Chris Cornell On Late Bandmate’s Birthday

Tom Morello paid tribute to his late bandmate Chris Cornell on the legendary rocker’s birthday.

Cornell would’ve turned 55 years old on Saturday, and Morello celebrated the day by sharing a heartfelt message dedicated to his late Audioslave bandmate on social media.

In the message, Morello explained that his kids recently discovered Audioslave’s music.

“While rocking out hard to ‘Cochise’ my oldest stopped and said, ‘Dad, it’s really sad that Chris Cornell is dead.’ I replied, ‘That is very true, but let’s keep rocking out.’ And we did. Happy Birthday, Chris,” Morello wrote as a caption on a photo of Cornell on Twitter and Instagram.

Cornell, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave frontman, was found dead after a Soundgarden performance on May 18, 2017.

Cornell’s death was declared to be a suicide, although the coroner confirmed that no drugs were involved.

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