Troian Bellisario Reacts to Her Daughter’s ‘PLL’ Connection… Which Shay Mitchell’s Daughter Has Too!

Did you ever realize that both Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell gave their daughters names that start with the letter “A”?!

If you watched Pretty Little Liars, then you know why this is such a crazy coincidence. Neither of them planned their daughters’ names to connect to the show though.

Troian and husband Patrick J. Adams named their daughter Aurora while Shay and boyfriend Matte Babel named their daughter Atlas.

“Well, it never crossed my mind until, like, an initial occurred. We were playing in our playroom and I just put A’s everywhere, and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve done it to myself!’” Troian told Teen Vogue about choosing her daughter’s name. “I have nobody to blame for this, and it’s so funny that a motif will crop up in your life totally unconsciously.”

Troian said that Aurora comes from Roman mythology, not the movie Sleeping Beauty.

“Now it’s really funny, because I didn’t tell [Patrick] that Aurora… he didn’t know that Aurora was a Disney princess’s name. I didn’t even think of it, honestly. ‘Cause I was thinking about it in terms of the historical context. So many people now are like, ‘Oh, like a Disney princess?’ And I feel like Patrick‘s like, ‘Ugh,’” she said.

Troian also opened up about Shay‘s daughter having an “A” name.

“Oh, that’s so funny. No, that is a name that she told me she’s had since she was young, so way before Pretty Little Liars. It just happened that we want our children to go with the first of the class and everything, I guess,” she said.

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