Truly disgusting Emmerdales Charley Webb addresses health hell as she asks for advice

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Emmerdale star Charley Webb has been flooded with support on Instagram after sharing her health “hell” with her fans. The TV star, who played Debbie Dingle in the ITV soap, told how she had been suffering from migraines, which she branded “disgusting” after sharing that they leave her “vomiting”.

They are truly disgusting

Charley Webb

In view of her 564,000 followers, the mum of three told how she had been suffering with the migraine.

In the snap, Charley appeared in a light grey jumper as she lay back with one arm partially covering her face.

The star asked her fans for their advice on dealing with the health issue.

Charley wrote: “Migraine hell today.

“Does anyone else suffer with vision migraines?

It’s where you get some sort of bright light/flashing [lightning] type of thing in your eye followed by the migraine.

“They make me vomit as well.

“They are truly disgusting,” she added.

Soon enough, the star was inundated with messages from her followers offering their suggestions on how to deal with migraines.

Many included over the counter painkillers, cold compresses and sleeping it off.

It comes days after Charley told how she had been “left drained” by a family issue involving her youngest son, Ace.

The star said her son Ace, who she shares with Ememrdale co-star Matthew Wolfenden, was keeping her up all night with a cough.

She wrote: “This will be me all day. “Ace was awake from 1-4 this morning. Coughing for hours.

He had a temperature so I let him stay in with me and it was rough!

“His sleep is just hellish at the moment.

“He wakes up whenever he fancies for a chat.” (sic)

The star continued in her next story as she showed her son sleeping in the back of her car during the middle of the day.

In the caption she joked it was “alright for some”.

She also quipped it was “brilliant” that he kept her up all night then decided to sleep.

Charley added sadly: “He’s not well at all, bless him. Hate it when they’re poorly.” 

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