Tyler Cameron Compares Luke Parker to O.J. Simpson and Even We Think He’s Gone Too Far

Let us be perfectly clear:


This self-centered, phony, hypocritical sexist pig was finally sent home by Hannah Brown on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette after his sex and slut-shaming simply became too much for the reality star to handle.

We mean, Luke actually tried to make Hannah feel guilty for having slept with others suitors on the show …

… despite Hannah getting to know other suitors — emotionally and, yes, physically — is the entire point of the show.

And also despite the fact that Hannah is a grown woman who possesses free will and can do anything she darn well pleases as a single woman.

All this said, as far as we know, Luke has NOT stabbed two innocent people to death in a bloody act of unforgivable violence.

This is why we would never compare Parker to O.J. Simpson, who almost definitely did this to his ex-wife and her friend back in 1994.

Tyler, however, appears to think that Luke and The Juice have a lot in common; so much so that he assumes they’ll soon be yakking it up on social media.

“How long till Luke and OJ follow each other on twitter?” Tyler asked on Twitter this week, taking even Luke’s most harsh critics by surprise a little bit.

Simpson, who was acquitted 25 years ago for the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, joined Twitter in June.

He has since threatened to murder people via the popular platform because, well… because that’s just how O.J. Simpson rolls.

Luke, on the other hand, is just out there trying to come across like a committed Christian who will never have sex with anyone again unless she is his wife or probably gonna be his future wife.

As you can see, there is a difference there.

With Hannah and Luke embroiled in an ongoing Twitter feud, one fan cautioned Cameron to “be careful not to get entangled in the drama,” while a fellow user questioned whether the Tweet went “maybe a little too far.”

Others put Parker even further into his place in response to this message.

“Luke is wrong and obviously doesn’t get it,” one individual replied. “But making fun of him publicly is only enhancing the wave of bullying he is getting, and that is not helping him in any way.”

After acting aghast on air at Hannah’s proclivity to sleep with attractive single men, Luke Tweeted on Monday night:

“@AlabamaHannah The difference in how we view sin is seen in the response, I’m weeping at mine and you’re laughing at yours,” he tweeted Monday. “All sin stings.

“My heart hurts for both of us.”

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The Alabama native quickly fired back at Parker, Tweeting:

“Time and time again, Jesus loved and ate with ‘sinners’ who laughed. And time and time again, he rebuked ‘saints’ that judged. Where do you fall Luke?”

We’re getting into some seriously profound stuff here, with Cameron swooping at one point this week to defend the show’s leading lady.

“Let him know! You are so damn powerful Hannah,” he wrote, sharing one of Brown’s Tweets directed at Parker. “You move mountains!”

But will Hannah move Tyler into her final two?

Will he get down on one knee this month and propose?

Will he end up being The One for Hannah? Her soulmate? The father of her future kids? Her only true honey bunny?

You can find out by reading through our section of The Bachelorette spoilers and you then you can let us know:

Might Luke Parker be worse than O.J. Simpson?

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