’Winter is dumped’ Fans go wild as Winter Love Island trailer is revealed

But now, for the first year EVER, Love Island fans don’t have to wait until summer for their fix of sexy singletons as the show is returning in January for a special winter edition.

ITV2 sent Twitter into overdrive when they finally revealed the trailer on Friday morning, which savagely claimed “winter is dumped”.

Funny-man Iain Sterling narrates the trailer AKA a love letter to winter. He says, “Oh winter, what is your problem? Every year you make it so baltic. Our toes go numb and we want to hide under our duvets.

“You’re just rain, sleet, drizzle, repeat. You happily make us wear layers and layers of clothes and then watch us trudge through our daily lives.”

“Thanks to you, we’re stuck indoors with the heat turned up. Well guess what, winter… you can take your frostbite and stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

Sampling a collection of catchprases that have been coined over the years, he continues, “This year, our heads have been turned. We’ll be covering ourselves in glitter and dancing round the fire pit. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Host of the infamous ITV2 show waltzes in and adds, “Sorry winter, you’re just not our type.”


While the majority of fans were thrilled to have something to look forward to in January – which is renowned for being a bit bleak – others think producers have missed a trick by recycling the summer villa.

Some viewers hoped the new series – which is set in South Africa – would channel the winter vibes and be set in a cosy chalet in the Alps .

“Was kind of hoping that #loveisland winter edition would be in some cute chalet with a roaring fire surrounded by snow #winterisdumped.”

Others fear the format could “burn out” quickly, with one online user saying, “I’m still sad that #loveisland winter isn’t gonna be up in the alps in a cute ski lodge with a hot tub and log fire, 2 seasons a year of the same villa is gonna burn out real quick.”

We hope not!

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