15 Current Food Trends We're Deeeeefinitely Gonna Cringe At In A Few Years

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which current food trends they think will be super cringey in a few years. Here’s what they’re suuuper fed up with seeing:

1.“Plateless” foods:


“I hate the trend of serving food in things that are not plates or bowls. Seriously, who wants to eat food off a snow shovel?”




“Freakshakes are cringey AF. Sorry, but all those calories are too much! A typical unicorn freakshake can contain up to 1,100 calories.”


3.Rainbow foods:


“I hate the rainbow fad. The colors don’t contribute at all to the flavor. Why would people pay more for something that doesn’t really add value to the food?”


4.Spaghetti doughnuts:


“Why would you take two delicious foods and combine them to make an inedible monstrosity!?”


5.Cotton candy burritos:


“I’m sure that to someone, this was a good idea in theory: Ice cream, cotton candy, and cereal are any sugar addict’s dream. But in reality, it just seems like it would be sticky and difficult to eat.”


6.Avocado on everything:


“I love avocado, but putting it on everything is the pencil-thin eyebrows of 2019.”


7.Sushi everything:


“Sushi pizza; sushi burritos; sushi burgers. Just leave sushi alone! It’s perfect the way it is!!”


8.Maple bacon doughnuts:


“I’ve never had any interest in a maple bacon doughnut — or anything with that flavor profile — and I really hope that those who do enjoy it will lose interest.”


9.Over-the-top drink garnishes:


“I hate those Bloody Mary’s topped with four pizzas, a cheeseburger, half a roast dinner, and 50 onion rings sticking out of them.”


10.Edible glitter:


“I hate seeing glitter in food! Why is this even a thing?”


11.Dyed lattes:


“I don’t like weird lattes, specifically beetroot and charcoal lattes. Like, coffee is great without random ingredients. Leave it alone!”


12.Foods “in disguise”:


“I hate seeing foods that look like one thing, but are actually something else — like a plate that looks like spaghetti and meatballs but is actually ice cream and cake pops drizzled in a strawberry sauce.”


13.Charcoal foods:


“Charcoal has gotta be up there — because what could possibly go wrong with a food additive that can fuck up your medication?”


14.Anything birthday cake-flavored:



15.And, unicorn foods:


“Like, wtf is even the flavor of unicorn?”


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