16 Dogs That Seriously Look Just Like Celebrities

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their dogs that resemble celebrities. Here are the adorably impressive results.

1.This dog named Ron Swanson, who has the same eyebrows as his namesake:


2.This dog that somehow has David Schwimmer’s extra-whitened smile:


3.Tiffany Pollard’s sunglasses twin:


4.This pup who’s nailed his Gene Simmons impression:


5.This husky that’s finally nailed Miley’s tongue/wink combo:


6.This dog who looks like a Katt (Williams, that is):


7.Reba McIntire’s red-haired lookalike:


8.This dead ringer for Leslie David Baker when he makes his Stanley face on The Office:


9.This adorable fluffball that actually looks like Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, when you think about it:


10.Judi Dench’s haircut double:


11.The most interesting dog in the world:


12.This German Shepherd that knows how to replicate this iconic Ice Cube reaction:


13.This dog that has the same mug as Sam Elliott:


14.This cutie who could easily pass for Jeff Bridges as The Dude in The Big Lebowski:

—Sarah Butt, Facebook

15.This boxer that knows how to emulate Samuel L. Jackson’s famously badass stare:


16.And finally, this Benedict Cumberbatch impersonator:


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