18 Things That The 2010s Will Be Remembered For

With the END OF THE FREAKIN’ DECADE (!!!!!!!!!) coming, Redditor u/Marambal17 posed the question: “The 2010s decade will be over in four months. What do you think people will remember this decade for?” Here are some of the fascinating, shocking, and totally spot-on answers:

1.The rise of the smartphone

“With smartphones, everyone has access to the internet and can voice their opinions towards the world at any moment with all the negative effects that it brings.”


2.Netflix and streaming

“Netflix was available before 2010, but it didn’t get reliable until after.”


3.Meme culture

“Memes started off as image macros, and have now evolved to screenshots of tweets.”



Millennials were at the center of almost every major cultural conversation, from social media and technology to jobs and the economy. Hipsters, smartphones, gaming systems, trends, Facebook and Instagram, etc. Millennials had the biggest cultural impact of this decade.”


11.Obama and Trump

“Obama was elected last decade, but most of his term was this decade. He got Bin Laden, passed healthcare, etc. Then Trump really popped up in 2015 for his presidential run and he’s been at the forefront of news ever since.


12.Fidget spinners


13.Internet challenges

“Tide Pods, Ice Bucket, Cinnamon, Mannequin, Harlem Shake, Condom, etc.”


14.The beginning of automation

A ton of jobs were already automated, but this decade was probably the true beginning — from testing driverless cars and drones to entire service industries being replaced by self service counters. This will truly be the beginning of automated industries.”


15.Pokémon Go

“I know it’s a meme at this point, but that first month of Pokemon Go was the most united I’ve seen this nation since 9/11.”


16.Instagram-worthy food trucks and restaurants

“The 2010s saw the move away from chain restaurants and the rise of food trucks and locally-owned restaurants. Aesthetically, they all feature string lighting, outdoor tables with giant Jenga blocks, Edison bulbs, and a craft beer selection written on a chalkboard.


17.All of the Disney remakes

“The 2010s will be probably be remembered as the ‘Remake Era’ for Disney.”


18.Social and political change

“We legalized gay marriage, a handful of states have legalized marijuana, and the ‘#MeToo’ movement has been huge.”


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Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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