22 Iconic "Friends" Moments That Are Actually Hysterical

1.When Ross declared a New Year’s resolution for himself.

2.When Chandler made the greatest joke of all time.

3.When Monica tried to apologize to Rachel.

4.When Chandler couldn’t help but feel confident when playing football.

5.When Monica was in a rush to go to work.

6.When Joey explained why he hates Halloween.

7.When Mike proved his excellent piano skills.

8.When Phoebe didn’t love her new bras.

9.When the chick and the duck watched the cooking channel.

10.When Joey tried to act nonchalant.

11.When Amy learned about Ross’ education.

12.When Phoebe was brutally honest with the guys.

13.When Rachel got her first paycheck.

14.When Chandler refused to embarrass himself any longer.

15.When Phoebe sang songs to children.

16.When Rachel confronted her boss in the only way she knew how.

17.When Monica got drunk in the middle of the day.

18.When Ross and Rachel wanted a moment alone.

19.When Phoebe and Monica discussed flexibility.

20.When Joey and Chandler reunited as roommates.

21.When Ross and Rachel reminisced about their relationship.

22.And when Rachel gave us this masterpiece of a line.

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