27 Pet Products From Walmart You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

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1.A Petcube that’ll delight pet owners who can’t handle being away from their baby all day. With this, you’ll be able to see, talk, and give treats to your best bud all day long!

Promising review: “Being able to see and interact with my dog while I’m at work has given me peace of mind! The app is transparent and easy to navigate. Beau He loves coming close to the Cube to say hi and get his treats.” —MelissaAR

Price: $149.99 (originally $229)

2.A motion cat toy — something that’s *finally* gonna be played with by your cat more than the box it came in.

Promising review: “My cat adores this toy! It’s durable and she gets hyped up playing with it. She’ll wrestle with it and flips it all over the floor. It gives her the the feeling of hunting and wears her out at night! Our best purchase yet!!” —KL

Price: $16.99

3.A dinner windmill that’s sure to help your speed-eater slow down to help their digestion in a ~wheely~ fun way.

Promising review: “My dog really gets into this! I put her cup of food in it and make her work for her supper! It didn’t take her long to figure it out. She moves the windmill with her nose. It’s so cute to watch her!” —NorthernMichiganMom

Price: $19.97

4.A catnip carp that’ll totally redefine the term “catfish.”

Price: $6.78 (available in two colors)

5.A ball launcher that’s hopefully gonna tire your doggo out long enough for you to catch your breath when you play at the park.

Promising review: “This is great, because you don’t have to pick up a wet tennis ball. You push the claw down onto the ball to load.” —LH20

Price: $5.49

6.Or a ball cannon that’s sure to make playing fetch even more fetchin’ fun!

Promising review: “We’re on our fifth one. The rubber bands wear out, but we have so much fun that we can’t stop buying them.” —ducklet

Price: $9.71 (originally $11.99)

7.A wall-mounted fish bowl vase so you can have a multitasking piece of incredible home decor that won’t look ~fishy~ at all.

Price: $10.99+ (available in three sizes)

8.A bone-scented teeth cleaning toy that’ll give your dog the satisfaction of an actual bone but be totally safe for them to chew on.

Promising review: “My dog is an aggressive chewer. These last over a week before she can even begin to destroy it.” —blahblahblah1234569988643

Price: $2.83 (available in two sizes)

9.A dog bed for your haute dog.

Price: $29.99

10.A dog umbrella that’s sure to save the day if your pup refuses to go to the bathroom when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Price: $19.99

11.A literal cat tree because even if you can’t beleaf how high maintenance you’ve allowed your cat to be, that’ll just be something to worry about after she gets this… she deserves it.

Promising review: “I will likely buy a second one — it’s so lovely and unique! I absolutely love this cat tree and my cats do too! It was easy to assemble; it only took 15 minutes. It’s both sturdy and attractive. My cats can easily climb into it to hide, relax, or sleep.” —Chelle

Price: $139.99

12.A waterproof cover so you can save your seats from Buddy’s enthusiastic backseat driving.

Promising review: “The appealing aspect of this cover is that it creates a true hammock between the back and the front seat. Neither of my dogs (38 pound and 16 pound) are able to jump to the front — very important as I am always the sole human in the car. My seats are protected not only from the dog hair and drooling, but also from the sun which has caused other seats to fade over time.” —NoSeatJumper

Price: $26.72+ (available in three colors)

13.A claw-safe splash pool that’ll bring joy to your favorite four-legged water baby.

This is made out of scratch-resistant plastic, designed with a wide-mouth drain cap for quick drainage, and can be folded down flat for easy storage.

Price: $49.97

14.A bike trailer so you can take your pup on outdoor adventures far past the dog park.

It includes a back doggy door, a bug screen that can be opened, an inside adjustable leash, and a removable liner. Plus it’s collapsible and can support up to a 50 lb pup.

Promising review:This trailer punches way above its weight in terms of ease of use, quality, and attention to detail. I opened the box and within thirty minutes my pup was enjoying her first ride in her new swagger wagon. It’s a snap to collapse or set up, and it doesn’t seem to change the bike’s handling significantly. Super happy with our purchase and looking forward to many happy miles together.” —Al

Price: $89.99

15.A basketball hoop for sporty birds who want nothing but net.

Price: $6.49

16.A glow-in-the-dark ball because you shouldn’t have to stop playing with the light of your life just because the sun goes down. With this, you can still have a ~ball~ whenever you want!

Promising review: “These balls are very durable even with a large-mouthed lab chomping on them nonstop. They glow green in the dark which makes them fun to play with in the evenings. We’ve got several and some are over two years old and still look new.” —Bullet

Price: $4.30+ (available in sizes S–L)

17.A suction cup window perch that’ll give your cat the elevated view he clearly knows he deserves.

Promising review: “My biggest cat loves this the most. All 15 pounds of muscular tomcat fit in this bed. Curious Charlie found the bed himself, hopped right in and made himself at home. Make sure you follow the instructions and clean both the window and the suction cups.” —Mommaof4cats

Price: $34.99 (available in two colors)

18.A massage roller for cats and dogs who could use a little pampering after a long day of napping.

Price: $14.98

19.A rattan cat tent with scratch-able sides and boop-able entryway decor — this’ll be a delightfully ~campy~ addition to your cat’s toy collection.

Price: $68.61 (available in seven colors)

20.A pet stroller for aging pups and all-too-agile indoor cats who would like some time in the sunshine.

Promising review: “Everything about this stroller is great. It handles like a charm and my dog just loves it. Has a very classy look. I recommend this to anyone who loves their baby.” —bunnyrabbit

Price: $99.99

21.A waterfall beta aquarium so gorgeous your fish are gonna say, “~Water~ you waiting for?” if you don’t grab it soon.

Price: $41.99

22.A washing wand that’ll make bathtime with your K9 so much easier you’ll think it’s actually magic.

This has multiple stream and water pressure settings and has adapters for hoses and showers.

Promising review: “It’s easy to install on the shower head. I’m no expert, but I did this by myself. And it’s easy to wash the dog!!! I have a 35 pound dog who can find every reason not to be in that bathtub. But the very first washing with this, she loved the soothing effect it had and stayed put! She even sat down for it! AND it only took five minutes to wash her! She has a really thick, curly coat, so pouring water on her to get her wet takes forever. This shower head sprayed right to her skin right away, and washed away the shampoo so easily — just push the shampoo out while the water brings it to the surface. My dog and I both give this five stars.” —Mnl

Price: $33.01

23.An organic pet grass kit for pets who love destroying your garden so much it just might be a good idea to give them a plant of their own.

It comes with organic seed, organic soil, and a planter.

Price: $15.97

24.A backpack so your hiking buddy can go backpacking right along with you!

Price: $24.99+ (available in sizes S/M–L/XL)

25.A scratch-proof pool float that’ll help your water bug enjoy the pool as much as you.

Price: $50.87

26.A box of cookies that’s sure to bring joy to snacky pups who are always looking longingly at your cookie jar.

Promising review: “My golden retriever, Daisy, loves these treats. After she eats her dinner, she takes me into the kitchen to get her dessert, two of these cookies. These are her favorites. If Daisy recommends these treats, they must be great!” —Cindyn405

Price: $7.76

27.And a giant tennis ball for pet owners who know finding unique products is a ~big~ deal.

Price: $10.68

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