'Ace Ventura 3' In the Works With Amazon Prime Video

One of Jim Carrey‘s most iconic movies, Ace Ventura, is reportedly coming back for a third installment, marking 26 years since the release of Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

The movie is being developed by Amazon Prime Video. The news came through an interview with the franchise’s production company Morgan Creek Entertainment, responsible for a flurry of ’90s cult-classics, like The Last of the Mohicans and True Romance. Besides revealing the development of Ace Ventura 3, Morgan Creek’s team also disclosed that writers of Sonic The Hedgehog, Pat Casey and Josh Miller, have been brought on to the project. “During COVID, audiences have been in love and are thrilled to have beloved characters brought back with new stories,” said Morgan Creek. Ace Ventura will see a new day at Amazon as a major motion-picture/theatrical with the Sonic the Hedgehog writers.”

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