Adam Lister’s Artwork Is Now Available to Purchase as NFTs

Adam Lister is the latest artist to join the NFT marketplace. Based in New York, Lister is known for recreating famous work and cultural scenes through his signature pixelated aesthetic.

The artist has converted many of his physical works into NFTs which will release via OpenSea. Like many of us, Lister was curious at the onset of this burgeoning industry, telling HYPEBEAST, “I think it’s absolutely amazing that you can buy and create unique artwork, without the troubles of shipping, damages, storage, and vandalism.”

Lister also noted of the accessibility and transparency that comes with NFTs, stating, “A gallery may sell an artist’s work for a certain amount then report to the artist a different amount. A gallery may claim all kinds of false things when it comes to the business side of art. This NFT space, puts everything on the table and it’s all open for all to see.”

Despite the digital appearance, Lister never dabbled in digital art, but always approaches each new work through pencil and paper. For his first NFT collection, “Studio Project,” Lister bases each off a photograph or scan of the original painting. “The artwork I make has to do with changing,” said the artist, adding, “taking something that is specifically defined and deconstructing it, transforming it into a new version of itself.”

Prices for Lister’s NFT’s start as low as 0.05 ETH / $180.10 USD. To purchase, please visit the artist’s OpenSea page.

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