Adobe Expands Diverse Voices Initiative With New Film That Asks, 'Where Are You From?'

With a suite of products rooted in creativity, Adobe is no stranger to makers, thinkers and doers. But, for the brand, it’s not enough to simply just serve the creative class. Through its Diverse Voices initiative, Adobe expands upon its longstanding belief that elevating and amplifying underrepresented talent is a cornerstone of the company and, more importantly, serves its community as a whole. The latest initiative from Diverse Voices celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander creators through a film titled Where I’m From.

Where I’m From is proof positive that Adobe practices what it preaches. The project showcases that the stories of those who make up the API community are as diverse as the influences and backgrounds of the people who occupy this space. This is illustrated by asking one single, yet common, question: “Where are you from?” The varying answers from creators like Texas-based artist Shyama Golden, the film-making duo the Muña Brothers and fashion photographer Shxpir Huang, show that this simple pleasantry can yield wide ranging responses. Some might answer with a more expected response such as a place or places, while others share a more nuanced or spiritual reply that taps into the soul and idiosyncrasies of these individuals’ distinct upbringings. The one thing they all have in common, however, is that their answer informs how they approach their craft.

In its entirety, Where I’m From is a love letter to the creative minds who embrace their roots and whose work and output is fueled by their one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s an important message that encourages us all to learn another’s story in full. In this same vein, HYPEBEAST, in partnership with Adobe, will continue our common mission of uplifting and amplifying diverse voices across various medium with a new initiative that shares the dialogue between the established and the emerging. Placing a well-known designer in conversation with up-and-coming talent, they will recount the stories of their come up, the ethos of their unique practice and how the answer to the question “where are you from” has inspired their singular path.

Check out Where I’m From in the video above and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST for more from Adobe. Head to the brand’s website to learn about its Diverse Voices initiative.
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