AELIZA Launches Mission Statement With "Individual Symbol" T-Shirts

Rising London-based label AELIZA has revealed a series of graphic T-shirts, featuring the brand’s “Individual Symbol” graphic.

The design of each tee is intended to replace the classic T-shirt aesthetic of a small logo on the front and a large-scale image on the reverse. For this release, AELIZA has added a tonal puff print logo on the back, with a large logo appearing on the front. Explaining the design, AELIZA said this design creates, “the illusion that it was removed and pushed to the front. This is a declaration, a mindset shift.”

The T-shirt drop is an introduction to AELIZA’s “ethos-wear” belief, which the brand describes as “wearing individual belief. Individual belief to the forefront of your character. This is a set of values epitomized into a physical garment.” This is all declared through a subtle red “mission statement” on the back of each item.

Take a look at the T-shirt capsule in the gallery above. The T-shirt will release in either “Matte Gold” or black colorways via the AELIZA web store on February 18.

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