Apple Is Celebrating Chinese New Year With Limited-Edition AirPods

Apple will be releasing a limited-edition set of Year of the Ox AirPods Pro. This was announced shortly after the tech giant unveiled its 2021 product lineup.

The AirPods Pro will feature a thin outline of the familiar iOS Ox emoji, except slightly tweaked. Placed just below the top lid on the center of the AirPods Pro’s case is the image, showing a baby Ox popping out from the standard Ox emoji as it winks. While this print will be monochromatic on the case itself, the packaging will feature a red version of the motif on the sides. Apple will also let people customize the AirPods Pro, by either adding text or replacing the Ox graphic entirely with a different emoji.

The limited-edition AirPods Pro will be available on Apple’s website for $2,000 HKD (approximately $258 USD).

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