Apple Releases $99 USD MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12

Today, Apple released a $99 USD MagSafe Battery Pack, which is compatible with all four iPhone 12 models. The wireless charger boasts up to 5W of portable power and up to 15W when connected to a 20W or higher power source.

The charger is the newest addition to the Apple ecosystem of MagSafe accessories, featuring cases, chargers, wallets and more. According to Apple, an iPhone and battery pack can be charged simultaneously when plugged in. However, the iPhone may charge to 80 percent or higher before the battery pack will charge.

In order to utilize the MagSafe Battery Pack, the phone must be updated to iOS 14.7 or later. The battery pack is currently available on Apple’s website with shipping starting next week.

Check out the specs of theall-new iPhone 12 in purple here.

In related news, a redesigned iPad Mini will reportedly launch this fall.
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