Burger King Austria's "Pride Whopper" Is Not Sitting Well With Fast Food Goers

Like Walmart’s decision to make ice cream for Juneteenth has shown us, not all holidays/celebrations require a marketing push.

While Burger King Austria might have had good intentions in celebrating Pride Month, with its Pride Whopper that features a same-side bun for “equal love and equal rights,” the internet is not buying it. Unlike the Burger King U.S. market’s Pride Month rainbow food wrapping used, this whole process in Austria will see the burger chain manually switch out each bun for matching two tops or bottoms.

As playful as the gesture is, the public is denouncing the campaign, declaring that topics like political views, religion, and sexual preference should be left out of fast food advertising. In its defense, local Austrians are commenting over Twitter saying that only half the campaign is really featured in the Pride Whopper tweet, as it is “explained better in the posters and ads” over in Austria.

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