Catch Olympic Athletics at DISTANCE’s Paris Pop-up Café

Paris-based running aficionados DISTANCE have opened a unique pop-up cafe in the heart of the French capital designed for customers to watch and enjoy athletics events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Supported by On Running, Jolie Foulée and PaperBoy Paris, DISTANCE’s first ever café offers a unique outdoor space where you can admire the accomplishments of some of the greatest athletes on the planet, while sipping a wide selection of food and drink.

Marking the store’s first foray into the world of cafés, DISTANCE has also launched a duo of limited-edition collectible T-shirts and socks, and will be hosting a series of unique events and parties throughout the games.

You can visit the DISTANCE Café at the address below until August 7, and find out more about the brand through its website.

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14 Rue des Filles du Calvaire,
75003 Paris,

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