Dame Dash Accuses JAY-Z of Illicitly Transferring Away 'Reasonable Doubt' Streaming Rights

The latest update to come out of Dame Dash and JAY-Z‘s Reasonable Doubt legal battle sees Dash accusing the billionaire rapper of taking away his streaming rights for the album.

In the last month, Jay and Dame have entered the courtroom to dispute the NFT of the quintessential 1996 rap album. Now Dash has brought up another issue, asserting that JAY-Z has wrongfully transferred the streaming rights to Reasonable Doubt from Roc-A-Fella to S. Carter Enterprises LLC without his prior authorization. Since JAY-Z is the sole owner of S. Carter Enterprises LLC, Dame’s team claims that he has essentially now transferred the streaming rights directly to himself.

The Hollywood Reporter recently obtained a transcript regarding Dame’s claim. Dame is now seeking at least $1 million USD in damages for unjust enrichment, replevin, conversion and breach of fiduciary. It was widely known that Dash initially wanted to sell the copyright for Hov’s debut album, however, the judge shut down his request immediately. He is also currently unable to sell the NFT of the album.

Dame recently announced that he also wanted to sell a third of his share in Roc-A-Fella Records, however, it is unsure if this is still moving forward.

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