David Flores Puts Floral Designs on Tequila Avión for a Top Shelf Holiday Set

Designed for an aesthetically pleasing evening with friends, Tequila Avión has worked with artist David Flores to create a holiday drink set. Inspired by the vibrancy of Mexico, which is where Avión is produced, the limited-edition holiday kit includes Avión Reserva 44, the brand’s prestige Extra Añejo Tequila and other party favors. Dropping right before the holiday celebrations kick off, the Avión x David Flores holiday kit will be released on December 17 at 4PM ET through the NTWRK app.

Pairing its top shelf tequila with “top shelf friendships that age well with time,” the holiday kit provides a one-of-a-kind experience that combines art and liquor. Within the Avión x David Flores holiday kit are customized drinking glasses with Flores’ signature, an ice mold, a deck of playing cards, a bluetooth speaker and a $200 gift card. David’s iconic floral designs, which pay tribute to Avión’s signature agave, run throughout the set and on top of its beautifully designed wooden box.

Flores, who is known for his murals, paintings and designs, shares an excitement for the holidays and a passion for his craft with the tequila maker. “From the core of the agave plant, tequila is made much like authentic friendships,” he says. “Here’s to a season of well-being, laughter and showing appreciation for the things that can only get better with age.” To bring the Avión x David Flores holiday set to life, NTWRK has also created an interactive and engaging episode on its mobile app where David and his friend reminisce on good times from past holidays over glasses of Avión Reserva 44.

The Avión x David Flores holiday set will be available on the NTWRK app on December 17 at 4PM ET. Designed as a gift for yourself or for your loved ones, this limited-edition drawing is priced at $44 USD in celebration of the brand’s Avión Reserva 44 tequila.

Disclaimer: We discourage irresponsible and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.
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