Denim Tears Tells the History of "Empire Windrush Nineteen Forty Eight"

Machine-A is known for consistently tapping into some of the industry’s most exciting and relevant designers, and for its latest spectacle the Soho, London-based boutique is putting the spotlight on Denim Tears.

The Tremaine Emory-helmed label isn’t afraid of making a statement, previously coming together with a host of brands to raise funds for Gaza as well as Converse for a Pan-American flag-informed Chuck 70. Now, Denim Tears has released “Empire Windrush Nineteen Forty Eight,” taking its name after the ship that brought people from the West Indies, more specifically from Jamaica, to London in 1948.

In the capsule, we find pieces co-designed by the London-based artist/curator Khalid Wildman, who has taken the Union Jack flag and has given it an apt overhaul, adding the re-interpreted flag to a chunky knitted off-white jumper and trousers. Additionally, we find graphic jersey and track pieces, and leaf print shirting, which come together to “highlight elements of iconography, with the focal point fixed between identity and surrealism, all juxtaposed against strong historical references to the Windrush generation and Jamaican roots,” as per Machine-A’s statement.

Wildman has also curated an in-store exhibition that features the capsule collection alongside art from the Jamaican artist Sylvester Stevens, presenting a clay bust of the artist Dennis Wilson, and a painting depicting Haile Selassie by an unknown European artist, dating back to 1954.

While the collection cannot be bought online, it can be seen in the @JANUARYTAMARIND-shot lookbook above and bought in-store while stocks last.

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