Domino's Australia Reveals New Cheese Toastie Crust Pizza

Another cheesy rendition is joining the ranks at Domino’s Australia. Back in October, Domino’s Australia launched its new Cheesy Vegemite pizza, fusing the most iconic Australian food with American pizza. The new pizza option to make its way down under is the new Toastie Cheese Crust.

The Toastie Cheese Crust option is for those who enjoy the extra cheese. The signature pizza crust also gives the pizza a grilled cheese sandwich treatment that finishes any of its Classic Base pizza crusts with a generous sprinkle of Australian Cheddar cheese, all the way to the edge of the crust. The crust option is perfect for those who like an extra crunch to their pizza as the toasty notes from the crispy cheese add another layer of texture to the tastebuds.

The new Toastie Cheese Crust option is only available in participating Domino’s Pizza locations across Australia for a limited time. The option is an additional $2.50 AUS approximately $1.80 USD.

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