Domino's Pizza Japan Launches All-in-One 4-Flavor Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Japan is known for releasing wild menu innovations, such as the Sakusaku (“Crispy”) Fish and Chips pizza earlier this month. This time around, the pizza chain is quadrupling down on its innovations with a four-flavor Nippon Pizza this time.

Perfect for customers who usually consume 2-3 slices of pizza at a time, the Quattro combo offers more toppings and flavors for individuals to enjoy. Adapting to the culture of Japanese cuisine, the pizza combo features iconic flavors of the country such as Mentai Mayo Mocha, Hokkaido Three-Cheese, Charcoal-Grilled Teri-Chiki, and Charcoal-Grilled Beef.

The Quattro Nippon Pizza is available to order now on Domino’s Pizza Japan starting at ¥1,300 JPY (approximately $12 USD). Check out the promotional video on Domino’s Pizza’s official YouTube channel below.

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