Donald Trump Is Making a Complete 180 by Showing Support for This Heavily Democrat-Supported Policy He Has Slammed Over & Over

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Donald Trump is thinking ahead to the 2024 presidential election and how he can win back the White House. That means he’s looking at the Democrats and how mail-in voting has successfully worked for them.

The Republicans have been long been critical of this type of voting, but after disappointing midterm election results, Donald Trump is realizing that if you can’t beat them, you have to join them. This strategy for voting feels like a total about-face, but the habits of American citizens have changed, and turning up at the polls on Election Day isn’t always convenient.

He addressed this shift in a fundraising email, and of course, took the time to slam Democrats in the process. “The radical Democrats have used ballot harvesting to cancel out YOUR vote and walk away with elections that they NEVER should have won. But I’m doing something HUGE to fight back,” he wrote in the email, via The Wall Street Journal. “Our path forward is to MASTER the Democrats’ own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can. But that also means we need to start laying the foundation for victory RIGHT NOW.”

Donald Trump hasn’t dropped his “stolen election” narrative, but he is hoping to influence the voting habits of Americans. He has to convince his voter base that their mail-in ballot will get counted, even though he told Breitbart News late last year that “a mail-in ballot will always be corrupt.” It’s mixed messaging, but his election team knows it’s an avenue to generate votes after only 30% of Republicans used this method in the 2020 presidential election compared to the 60% of Democrats, according to Charles Stewart III, co-director of the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project, via The Wall Street Journal.

Will the former president succeed in convincing his supporters to now use mail-in ballots after two presidential election cycles of dismissing its fairness and accuracy? Donald Trump isn’t the only one who sees the need to promote it, other Republicans are also falling in line. Jessica Millan Patterson, chairwoman of the California Republican Party, feels the same way. “If you want to win races, you have to play by the rules that are given to you,” she said. “You can cry all you want about what the rules are, but if you want to change them you’ve got to win elections.” It looks like Donald Trump sees the writing on the wall, making voting more accessible is a positive, not a negative thing.

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